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5 Things You Need To “Stay Fresh” at Coachella

  • 1. Sunglasses - Protect Your Eyes From the Sun

    Nothing beats the a beautiful sunny day in California. But if you want to see your favorite artists up on stage, you're going to need something to protect your eyes from the suns bright rays. Not mention, a cool pair of shades can definitely add to your fit and look!



    2. NUDE Mints - Refresh During a Long Hot Day

    After a long day of dancing, grooving, and singing your heart out to great music, you'd definitely want to pick yourself up and feel fresh again. A NUDE Mint is the one thing you need to feel fresh and cooler. Even more, it will keep your breath equally fresh and ready to mingle with all the attractive people at Coachella. 




    3. Portable Fan - Keep Yourself Cool Under the Summer Weather

    When the sun is baring down on you for hours as you enjoy yourself, it can take out all the fun when you're drowning in your own sweat. Be sure to take a small portable fan to keep yourself cool while you dance the day away. With the number of people in The Empire Polo Club, you might not be able to feel the sweet California breeze, but your fan can do it for you!



    4. Water Bottle - Hydrate and Stay Cool

    Coachella provides water for all its guests and visitors, but of course you'll need something to store it in - it would be embarrassing if you were to drink water with your cupped hands in front of Harry Styles...



    5. Charger/Power Bank - To Recharge Your Phones

    With everything happening at Coachella, from crazy performances and fun memories with friends, you need your phone to have juice to capture every moment. Keep a handy power bank and portable charger with you to be sure that you never miss a picture or video worthy scene. Keeping your phone charged also ensure that you can make important calls when you get lost or have an emergency. 



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