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NUDE Mints is the world’s first functional
2-in-1 Breath & Gut Mint.

NUDE Mints with developed to deliver a simple premise: Providing people with a functional and convenient offering for fresh breath and a healthy gut.

The result is a complete breath cleansing solution: A compact transparent dual-action mint capsule refreshing the mouth with an instant flavorful blast, cleansing the gut and providing freshness from within. The fidget-like nature of the container promotes mental wellness while providing a convenient way to share and use the product.

We place great importance on gut health and mental wellness. Be part of our community and join us on this journey.

Fun Fact

Did you know that 90% of the check-out counter for gum and mints in America is owned by just One company, cashing in on the same old mints and gums that your parents grew up with. Zero Innovation. Zero Progress. The last product innovation was Listerine Strips in 2001…Over 20 YEARS Ago.


NUDE Mints is on the path of disrupting the Gum and Mints Industry. Join us as we disrupt this monopoly that has dominated every check-out aisle in America. Its time to try something NUDE.