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Are You Smelling Your Own Bad Breath with Face Masks? The Shocking Truth!

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  • Now that you’re wearing a face mask, are you frequently assaulted by an unpleasant odor? You don’t have to be shy about it. It happens to the best of us. You are probably a bit shocked to learn you have bad breath with face masks. Although you may not have noticed it before, now that your breath is confined in that mask, it’s letting you smell what you never used to have.


    Halitosis (the technical term for chronic bad breath) often is due to eating or drinking smelly foods or drinks, decreased production of saliva, or serious medical issues.


    During the day we wash away bacteria in our mouth every time we brush our teeth or drink water or eat. But we don’t do that when we sleep, so the bacteria in our mouth multiply and we wake up with morning breath. What you eat also can cause bad breath. Onion and garlic are frequent culprits. Postnasal drip and allergies are other common causes.


    Four people wearing face masks who may just be learning they have bad breath with face masks on.


    What Should I Do to Rid Of Bad Breath with Face Masks?

    If you’re getting sick of the smell, there are quick and easy solutions that you can do to get rid of the awful stench that face masks just revealed to you. Bad breath with face masks is terrible to have especially if you have to go out and about during this time. So what can you do about it?


    A solid oral hygiene routine can keep your breath free of foul odors. Here are a few tips that might help you out in dealing with bad breath with face masks:

    1. If you’re already out, pop a Nudemint in your mouth. It freshens your breath and cleans your gut in the process for that much-needed confidence boost.
    2. Brush your teeth at least twice a day.
    3. Brush your tongue to dislodge bacteria that settle and thrive in the crevices. The back of the tongue, called the posterior one-third, is where most bacteria thrive.
    4. Floss to remove food between teeth. Normal bacteria in your mouth will have less material to grow on if you floss daily.
    5. Gargle with an antibacterial mouthwash. You want mouthwash that contains cetylpyridinium chloride or chlorhexidine, which kill bacteria. And you want to use it just before bed so you won’t have bacteria growing inside your mouth all night.


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    Is it Really Possible Not To Know We Already Have Bad Breath?

    If you have bad breath that won’t go away with good oral hygiene, you may become so accustomed to the smell, you don’t even notice it anymore. Or maybe it has just been hidden from you for so long that you can’t really tell. Either case, you’ll be surprised or get a reality check once you learn you have bad breath with face masks.


    Chronic halitosis has many possible causes, including:

    1. Diseases of the teeth, gum, or tonsils
    2. Regurgitating food
    3. Smoking
    4. Tonsil stone: A crevice in your tonsils where debris can collect and harden, and bacteria can grow
    5. Zenker diverticulum: A pocket in your esophagus where food can embed and bacteria grow
    6. Heart disease
    7. Lung issues


    If you notice bad breath that doesn’t go away with good oral hygiene, contact your primary care physician. They may uncover a more serious medical issue that is the cause of your bad breath. And be sure to visit a dentist for a thorough cleaning and evaluation at least once a year; though twice a year is ideal.


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    Woman doing the groceries who might be surprised to learn she has bad breath with face masks.



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    For an easy way to get rid of the bad breath in your mask on the go, just pop a NUDE mints in your mouth. Made with novel technology from Japan, you’ll get instant fresh breath and a confidence boost. Buy a pack of NUDE mints available in Ice Shot, Berry Kiss, Citrus Squeeze, Lemon Drop and Mad Melon.

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