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Great Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in 2021

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    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you might be looking forward to taking a break and spend a nice, relaxing day with your significant other. While the typical “nice movie, expensive dinner and then drinks” date might work, it’s much more fun to plan out something unique and memorable to do for this special day this year.

    There are tons of things you could do to spice up your date. Let us share with you some cute and fun date ideas that you could use to make this day an even better one.


    Arts And Crafts


    Alternatively, you can also consider having a mini project for that day and build or design something together for your own home. There are many DIY Valentine’s Day craft ideas that you could find online, and you can simply choose one to do with your partner.

    There are many crafts that you could do, such as painting a picture together to hang up on one of the walls of your place, create cute picture frames to display your favorite photos of each other, or creating a scrapbook together filled with your favorite quotes and pictures representative of your relationship. It doesn’t have to be a huge project at all, as long as you can dedicate that day to working on this and finishing it together.


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    Make Some Music



    If either of you is musically inclined, and you have a guitar or piano lying around at home, invite them along to a jamming session with your instruments. Music is food for the soul and if you’re able to woo them again with a splendid rendition of “More Than Words”, your date is sure to swoon for you on that day.

    For bonus points, you could even start writing a song together that represents the two of you. It doesn’t even have to be as long as a typical song, it can be only a few verses long. Writing and singing your self-made couple song to each other is one of the most romantic things that you could do.


    Pretend Traveling


    Just because you are stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t pretend to be in a different country for a day. With some nice music, food, and a bottle of wine, you can enjoy the same vibes at home and pretend to be in a different place for a day.

    If you fancy being in Paris, having some crepes along with a cheese platter and putting some accordion music in the background can make you feel like you were on the streets of Champs-Élysées. Similarly, bringing home some quesadillas for dinner and sipping on some home-made tequila cocktails can emulate you being in Mexico City for a day.


    Explore The Outdoors



    If both of you like the great outdoors, you can always suggest going on a quick hiking trip or camping trip as well. The two of you will be able to spend some nice quality time with each other, hanging out and rediscovering more about each other as you walk and talk in a lush green forest. If hiking isn’t your thing, taking your partner out for a nice picnic in the woods is also a great choice for a cute Valentine’s Day date.


    Treasure Hunt

    If you’re feeling creative, you could even set up a small treasure hunt at home. After buying a cute Valentine’s Day gift for your partner, remember to hide it somewhere in your home and then come up with a series of puzzles and clues that will lead your partner to it.

    If your partner is the type that loves escape room games and solving puzzles, they will definitely be intrigued as you walk them through the intricate puzzles that you have put in store for them.


    In the end, as long as the two of you are spending quality time with each other, it doesn’t matter what you decide to do. Even just laying back at home and having a Netflix marathon works, if the two of you are too tired to make any concrete plans. In the end, as long as both of you are contented, feel free to do anything you both wish to do for your special day together. Be sure to use this day to bask in the presence of your significant other, and to appreciate and love them for being a part of your life.

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