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Nude Cats

NUDE Cats is an NFT project commemorating two years of surviving as a pandemic start-up. Why cats you might ask? Well, one of our most popular videos was this video of a grumpy cat, tired of having bad breath blown into his face. Need we say more? Who doesn’t love cats?

With the NUDE Cats NFT, we want our community to participate in our growth and success. Our biggest fans will receive a free airdrop of the NUDE Cats NFT.

Our Cat Video

About The Project

We’ve never been afraid to be ourselves.
Heck, don’t you feel freest when you’re NUDE?

Through this project, we want to connect with YOU, our freshest community, in order to create a longer-lasting bond, formed from a single mint (geddit, because it's an NFT? But also because we sell mints? Ok, anyway).

And of course, our beloved cat video gave us the stepping stone to end up in your pockets with a packet of NUDE Mints. We can’t just leave ol’ Mr. Grumpy Cat behind. Now, you can be a part of the community. So come get NUDE with us.

  • Total Collection: 500 NUDE Cats 🐱
  • Ambassador Cats: 50 1-1 awarded base on Ambassador Program achievements
  • Collector Cats: 450
  • Initial Launch:100 Collector Cats

Each cat will be more unique than the next, having their own fresh vibe and personality.


Did you know that 90% of the check-out counter for gum and mints in America is owned by just One Company, cashing in on the same old mints and gums that your parents grew up with. Zero Innovation. Zero Progress. The last product innovation was Listerine Strips in 2001…Over 20 YEARS Ago.

The Nude Mints Mission

NUDE Mints is on the path of disrupting the Gum and Mints Industry. Join us as we disrupt this monopoly that has dominated every IRL check-out aisle in America. Its time to try something NUDE.

What Do
You Get Out
Of This?

  • 1. A jazzy snazzy fresh NUDE Cat (duh)
  • 2. 30% off NUDE Mints Products for 12 months
  • 3. Early Access to NUDE Mints collectibles and special one-off discounts
  • 4. Free NUDE Mints Starter Kit – T-Shirt, Lanyard, and of course, NUDE Mints
  • 5. Additional discounts on products from NUDE Mints’ partner brands

How Can you get in on
the NUDE Cats Drop? Initial Launch:
100 NUDE Cats


50 members will get a
collector's cat drop

based on how many
members they can recruit
into our discord group.

25 will be awarded
to our fans by us


25 available for sale
in Opensea

Why a 10% Royalty After Every NUDE Cat Transaction?

We want NUDE Mints to be easily accessible by our community.

To overcome the increasing high cost of digital channels and the huge amounts of capital required to list NUDE Mints in stores nationwide, these royalties will be used to support our access to distribution channels and continuous product development.

Any money that is made from this project or from the future trading of these collectibles will be transparently open source to our community.

Why Be a Part of This Project?

In just under 2 years, we have sold over 1 Million packs of NUDE Mints. Demand for NUDE Mints as well as our growth have been explosive. We are on the cusp of taking over the metaverse and every IRL checkout counter in America!

With the NUDE Cats NFT, you are now a part of our journey. Join us in challenging the status quo and breaking the monopoly of these large corporations. Tic Tacs here we come.

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