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The Zodiac Signs As NUDE Mints

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    Aries, the zodiac's first sign, adores being first. This fiery sign is no stranger to rivalry. Aries is fearless and determined, diving headfirst into even the most difficult situations and always coming out on top! And of course, the first zodiac sign belongs under the first ever NUDE Mint's flavor. The two firsts collide in the perfectly simple yet elegant spearmint kick. 



    Have you ever been so busy that you wished you could clone yourself to do all of your tasks? In a nutshell, that's what Geminis are like. Gemini's intense curiosity propels them to be spontaneous, lively, and wonderfully eccentric. The celestial twins are an appropriate emblem for this air sign, which was so interested in so many things that it had to double itself. That's why Gemini's are almost certainly Sexy Spearmint fanatics, they keep things fresh, yet tackle things headstrong with a spontaneity like no other! Heck, take two packs of Sexy Spearmint if you're a Gemini!






    The Leos has come, roll out the red carpet. The lion represents Leo, and these energetic fire signs are the kings and queens of the celestial jungle. Passionate, devoted, and notoriously theatrical, Leo is symbolized by the majestic lion. They're ecstatic to be king and queen: Leos are fiery, vivacious, and they want to be in the spotlight and celebrate... themselves. But much like kings and queens, Leo's can definitely have an ice-y side, making Ice Shot NUDE Mints the perfect right-hand for these royalties.



    An image of Pisces would is most likely to appear next to the word "psychic" in the dictionary. Since it is the last of the zodiac signs, Pisces are the most perceptive, sensitive, and empathic of all. Pisces, being the last sign, has absorbed all of the lessons gained by the previous signs, including pleasures and sorrows, hopes and anxieties. Two fish swimming in opposing directions are used to depict Pisces' continual divide of attention between fantasy and reality. Just like NUDE Mint's Ice Shot flavor, Pisces have a strong personality that embodies freshness and cleanliness, two things all sensitive souls resonate with. 






    "Give it to a busy person," they say. That's the Virgo anthem for sure. Virgos approach life logically, practically, and methodically. Virgo is an earth sign traditionally associated with the goddess of wheat and agriculture, a link that testifies to Virgo's profound roots in the physical world. This earth sign is a perfectionist at heart who isn't afraid to work diligently and consistently in order to enhance abilities. Our Mad Melon flavor represents the down-to-earth energy of Virgo's, sticking true to nature and being in touch with their green thumb, all the while being as structured and clear cut as Mother Earth.



    Aquarius is the final air sign of the zodiac, despite the word "aqua" in its name. Aquarius is symbolized by the water carrier, a mythical healer who bestows water, or life, on the land. Aquarius is innovative, progressive, and brazenly revolutionary. Aquarius is the astrological sign that is most humanistic. Aquarius' ultimate goal is to improve the world. Similarly, the Mad Melon fruitiness gives a very unique flavor that any Aquarius would align themselves with, a truly innovative flavor for true revolutionaries!






    Scorpio is an enigmatic and intriguing sign that is often misinterpreted. Scorpio is a water sign that harnesses emotional energy to cultivate profound understanding in both the visible and invisible worlds. Scorpio's great bravery stems from its psychic talents, making this sign one of the zodiac's most complex and dynamic. Most importantly, everyone knows Scorpio personalities can pop, we so can the Berry Kiss flavor. Word on the street is Scorpios are good kissers so why not take your kissing game to a whole other level with the Berry Kiss NUDE Mint?



    Cancer, as symbolized by the crab, moves fluidly between the sea and the beach, demonstrating Cancer's capacity to live in both emotional and physical realms. Cancers are psychically gifted, and their psychic powers materialize in physical locations. However, this water sign, like hard-shelled crustaceans, is eager to go to any length to defend itself emotionally. You'll need to create confidence in order to learn about this indication. The intimate emotions carried by Cancers can all be felt through the sweet kiss of the Berry Kiss flavor, a true match of zodiac and NUDE Mint!






    What zodiac sign is most likely to indulge in a six-hour soak, a luxury Swedish massage, and a delicious dessert spread? Taurus is, after all, the sign of the bull. The bull symbolizes the earth sign Taurus. Taureans prefer resting in tranquil, bucolic settings surrounded by soft noises, soothing fragrances, and sumptuous flavors, just like their heavenly spirit animal, making them the perfect candidate as a symbol for the Citrus Squeeze NUDE Mint.



    A Sagittarius is everywhere! But not in a bad way, the complete opposite actually. However, there are no limits to the power of this fire sign. Sagittarians, who are symbolized by the archer, are continually seeking knowledge. Sagittarius, the zodiac's final fire sign, shoots forth like arrows, pursuing geographical, intellectual, and spiritual experiences. These feisty fire sign zodiacs keep it real by having a Citrus Squeeze NUDE Mint in their pocket, a symbol of their fiery personality and the warmth they give off!






    Libra's energy is defined by harmony, balance, and justice. Libra, being a cardinal air sign, is symbolized by the scales (the zodiac's solitary inanimate item), a relationship that symbolizes Libra's obsession with achieving balance. Libra is preoccupied with symmetry and seeks for balance in all aspects of life, particularly when it comes to love. And who doesn't love a good cold lemonade? Love your Libras just how they love the Lemon Drop NUDE Mint!


    Which resource is most valuable? The answer is simple for Capricorn: Time. Capricorn is on a mission to reach the summit and understands that the only way to do it is via patience, endurance, and determination. The sea-goat, a legendary monster with the body of a goat and the tail of a fish, represents Capricorn, the last earth sign in the zodiac. Capricorns are adept at managing both the physical and emotional worlds as a result. Equally so, they are NUDE Mint's Lemon Drop flavor offers a perfect balance of that sweet lemony test with just a tinge hint of sourness to get your taste bud juices flowing. 

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